RM melts ARMY’s heart with some emotional words


During the Map Of The Soul ON: E concert, BTS’s rapper RM shared some emotional words that drove the ARMY crazy.

In Map Of The Soul ON: E, a virtual event held by BTS idols, it was a magical concert for the ARMY, who enjoyed seeing their favorite artists on stage again, but there was a special moment that they shared on the networks social.

Through a Twitter account they released the emotional words that the 26-year-old rapper RM expressed to the ARMY, because due to the pandemic, the members had to present a very different concert, but without a doubt it was the most anticipated by the followers.

The rapper RM of the K-Pop group BTS, mentioned that he is grateful that in 2020 he has the technology to be able to have an approach with each of the people who have supported the boy band’s career, as he appreciated the opportunity they have had to share his music with his fans.

BTS’s RM shared an emotional speech

The leader of the South Korean group shared some emotional words to the ARMY and recalled the time they have had in the music industry since the group was formed, but that despite the pandemic, it is not an impediment to share their music.

“We are doing the best we can with what we have.”

During the virtual concert Map Of The Soul ON: E, the leader RM of the boy band was on the lookout for each person who is part of the ARMY, as he was cheering and singing along with them, who appeared on the screen that was on stage .

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BTS idols have positioned themselves as one of the most influential K-Pop groups of the moment, their music has moved their followers, but what their followers enjoy the most are the emotional messages that each idol shares, as they have expressed the great love they feel for the ARMY.


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