RM makes ARMY fall in love with a video from Tik Tok wow!


Through social media, a BTS RM fan shared the adorable video that the rapper and an idol starred in for Tik Tok.

South Korean singer RM of the K-Pop group BTS, caused a sensation on social networks due to a new video he starred in for Tik Tok, although this time he did not do it alone, but enlisted the help of one of the idols of the boy band.

The rapper is one of the favorite members of the band, so on several occasions the ARMY uses Twitter to share the antics and occurrences that the artist does to have fun when he is not on stage, and one of the things that fascinates him to do is dance.

And it is that, since the song “Dynamite” was released on digital platforms, it has become one of the favorites of the faithful followers, it has even been positioned as one of the most played songs, so RM from BTS with Jimin’s help, they performed a fun dance.


BTS’s RM and Jimin drive ARMY crazy with one of their shenanigans

Through a Twitter account of a fan of the K-Pop group, it can be seen that Jimin and the 26-year-old rapper appear, singing and of course doing funny dance movements to the rhythm of “Dynamite”, as in the clip you can see that the artists are fascinated with the subject.


That video was published on the Tik Tok account of the South Korean group, in the same way that clip that was also boasted by an admirer on Twitter, has obtained more than 328 thousand views, because it must not be denied that idols are expert dancers .

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The K-Pop band enjoys sharing funny occurrences on social networks, although what their fans most admire is the way in which BTS’s RM has fun with the other idols of the group, because in Somagnews we have shared charming you artist videos.


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