RM lets one of the idols of the K-Pop group touch his hair


Through social networks they shared a very funny moment with RM and one of the idols of BTS.

RM the leader of BTS has received flattering comments from the ARMY after unveiling his new look by wearing a blue hue on his horse, which has the girls very much in love, although an idol of the K-Pop group was discovered while grabbing his hair. Who of the members will it be?

The South Korean rapper is a true conqueror, because his style has managed to impress his fans, who enjoy sharing unforgettable moments through social networks, so in a video they revealed that his hair has also impressed one of the idols .

On the occasions that the South Korean group BTS shares videos to publicize the details of their projects in music, some boys have been discovered doing something funny and flattering the look of their other classmates, as happened with RM and an idol .

BTS’s idol touched RM’s hair

Through a Twitter account dedicated to the leader of BTS, the girls realized that singer Jungkook likes to touch RM’s hair, because in the clip they collected various moments when the idol is grabbing his partner’s hair.

The video captivated thousands of users, because for the fans of the boy band member it is an adorable and tender moment, since it can be seen that despite being one of the most famous and successful bands of the moment, the boys have formed a nice friendship.

There is no doubt that BTS idols are cheerful and funny boys, because at their young age they have triumphed in music, because we remember that a few days ago their new single “Dynamite” was released, which has become one of the ARMY favorites.

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RM the leader of BTS has not stopped surprising his fans, because in addition to captivating the girls, he has also caught the attention of Jungkook, who has been fascinated with the look that the idol now wears. Do you think the rapper has perfect hair?



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