RM left a very special memory on his visit to this restaurant


Namjoon visited the Dream Dakgalbi restaurant and the owners of the premises shared their experience.

Namjoon took advantage of his visit to a restaurant to leave a beautiful memory that moved the owners of the place, who only had good words to share about the idol .

Like his peers, the BTS leader has modified his activities due to the measures implemented during the quarantine, although he has spent a long time indoors, he also continues to work, so it is inevitable that he will occasionally visit the streets.

This time, RM stopped by to eat at a restaurant called Dream Dakgalbi, it is a traditional Korean food site that several celebrities have visited before.


After enjoying a delicious meal, Namjoon left his autograph on a white sheet of paper and the owners of the venue did not hesitate to share it on the restaurant’s social networks.

Furthermore, the owner of this restaurant commented that both he and the employees were so nervous about having the idol as one of their clients that it was even difficult for them to continue with their activities in a normal way.


After posting RM’s autograph photograph , this restaurant’s Instagram account showed how this piece of paper had been placed on the wall for everyone to see.

BTS will release their next Japanese album very soon, so they have revealed a preview of Stay Gold , the song that will be part of the drama Spiral Labyrinth.


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