RM and Jungkook show how they prepare for BANG BANG CON


The BTS guys have their lighsticks ready for the broadcast of the group’s concerts.

The special event that BTS has prepared to unite its fans for a whole weekend is getting closer, two days in which ARMYs from around the world will be able to enjoy the broadcast of several of their concerts and other content released by the group. With the date fast approaching, fans of the idol group can no longer contain the excitement, but the group members also share this sentiment.

Suga had already shown his excitement at feeling close to ARMY through this broadcast, but this time it wasRM and Jungkookwho through the Big Hit Instragramannounced that it was only 5 days away fromBANG BANG CON.

To show their followers how they are preparing for this event, they shared a photograph where they both hold an ARMY Bomb and are wearing official merchandise from the group. This publication was decorated with gifts from their lighstick and also a hashtag with brightness and movement where #BTSARMY is read . Likewise, with the text tool these guys invited their fans to stay home, be safe and enjoy the broadcast they have prepared.

Thus, RM and Jungkook show us that they are as excited for the arrival of this day as their fans, an event where in addition to demonstrating that distance does not prevent music from joining us, it will also be an opportunity to motivate and entertain those who for several weeks have remained in confinement.

Do you already know how you will prepare for that day? If you are still not sure how you will live this experience, you can read some tips that we prepared for you about how to prepare for BANG BANG CON , the online concert of BTS. Here you can find the dates, times and also some tips so that you can turn this day into a party with your favorite idols. Are you ready?

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