RM and Jin make a broadcast and demonstrate their great …


With the release of “Agust D 2” and the Daechwita MV “, the boys of BTS seem to have taken time off from their occupations to support Suga and live with his fans.

Through VLive, Namjoon and Jin decided to make a special broadcast where they showed great friendship and companionship, in addition to showing off their talent as artists, we will tell you what happened.

It seems that the week is full of ARMY’s favorite friendships, now it was the turn of Namjin, who gathered in a room to talk a little about Suga’s MV and especially do hobbies like drawing.

Both showed their talent with pastel colors, they made incredible and adorable drawings. Jin, apparently faithful to his tender personality, created a deer, while RM traced a castle just like Disney’s, both joked and explained their drawings.


The boys also did a “EatJin” special, decided to have dinner together and order the famous Jjajangmyeon noodles, known for their black bean-based sauce. Yummy!

Namjin was making jokes, eating and showing why they are so close, being an adorable friendship, because they kept laughing.


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