RM is ignored by BTS and thinks this is the reason


The BTS members accidentally ignored their leader on more than one occasion. RM has worked hard to prepare, be a good leader, and lead his peers in an organized way without giving up on the fun. But managing BTS isn’t always an easy task, and sometimes Namjoon doesn’t get the response he expects from his peers.

Despite this, this has given way to funny moments in the group where the lack of coordination in their reactions manages to make us laugh.

This was announced by a follower of BTS through his Weverse account, the fan of the idol group shared a series of moments where the members of BTS ignored the leader of the group without even realizing it.

In each of these moments, RM reacted with the best humor and a trace of resignation, hugging himself or holding his own hand when the BTS members did not come to meet him.

But after seeing this fan’s post on Weverse, Namjoon shared how he feels about it. The idol responded nonchalantly to a fact that he has become accustomed to and said that there are things that are difficult to achieve even if you practice constantly.

Recently, BTS announced their new movie under the name of Break The Silence: The Movie Persona, the premiere will be in September and you can find out more details by clicking here.

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