RM is captured by the ARMY with his amazing dance steps


BTS’s RM knows how to drive girls crazy, because in addition to being one of the favorite idols, he has great talent. Find out!

Since BTS became known in the music industry, the idols that are part of the South Korean group have managed to captivate the girls, who admire the great talent that singers have, but especially they have fallen in love with RM.

The leader of the boy band of the moment, has starred in various memorable moments for the ARMY, which is why they share some of the occurrences made by the rapper on various Twitter accounts, but a recent video showed what drives the girls the most crazy.

And it is that, after the spectacular performance that the idols of BTS did in the celebration of the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, their fans shared a small video where you can appreciate RM’s amazing dance steps.

BTS’s RM delights ARMY with his great talent on the runway

The idols of the South Korean group drove the ARMY crazy, who have supported the start of the members’ careers, although some fans have their favorite idol, because in the presentation they made at the celebration on October 14, a follower witnessed each movement by RM.

In that clip you can see the dance steps of the 26-year-old rapper, while he performed with the other idols the hit song “Dynamite”, because in addition to sweeping digital platforms, something that has also captivated users has been the choreography.

The members of BTS every time they appear on stage they manage to impact the ARMY, because there is no doubt that each of them has great talent on the dance floor, which has left the girls very in love, as they have. expressed in the comments they make on social networks.

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