RM gives details about new album “BE” (VIDEO)


Wonderful! RM, the leader of K-Pop group BTS, has given details of the group’s long-awaited album.

The South Korean group BTS, has managed to fascinate the ARMY with their music, since the release of their recent single “Dynamite”, the song has been placed as one of the favorites of this 2020, but the boys continue to surprise their followers, as RM gave details about a new album.

After a long wait, the official date of his new record production in which idols have worked, including the leader RM, was finally released, he broadcast a live on YouTube to give details about the comeback, which will be released in November. of this year.

The members of the company Big Hit Entertainment, have been very excited about the album “BE”, in the same way the ARMY has looked forward to this project of the K-Pop group BTS, because the record material will have some different versions which has caused quite a stir.

RM falls in love with the ARMY when talking about the album

And, after announcing the official date of “BE”, the rapper RM, agreed to give some details about the group’s record material, the leader commented on the creative process for the next album release and what they expect from the album.

“If we can bring joy to many people that is enough for us and I feel that we achieved a lot of what we set out to do. It was one of our big dreams.” He mentioned the rapper in the video, managing to excite his fans with his statements.

In addition, the 26-year-old rapper mentioned that the album was in the production stage, in the same way he commented that both he and the idols of the boy band have put all their effort into this new project, since each idol reflects his distinct personality.

During the live that the leader of BTS made on YouTube, he also commented that they have conducted various interviews and that they have also been happy for the success they achieved on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Dynamite”, the song has become one of the most reproduced on digital platforms.

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