RM gives ARMY valuable advice on life and nature


The BTS leader inspires his fans with positive messages.

BTS has inspired their fans with the messages of self-love that they send through their lyrics and songs, also with their story they have shown ARMY that effort is the key to fulfilling dreams.

In quarantine times, the boys have shared various messages and posts from their day to day, one of them is RM , who published a photo of their favorite hobby, but also gave them a positive lesson about life.

Through the official BTS Twitter , Namjoon shared an image of his plants, he said that although they looked small, it was important to take care of them, if you have any at home.

The leader of the group also invited his fans to value every little change, because over time and with good care the plants will grow large and you will see their evolution little by little. Awwww! Without a doubt, the idol knows that it is better to appreciate the little things in life, in addition, plants are important elements of the planet, as they provide life and oxygen.

ARMY shared some inspiring messages after Namjoon’s post, as they consider him to be a warm and sensitive person regarding the things he likes and how he expresses himself about them. Do you have seedlings?

The fandom also envisioned RM giving them gardening tips.


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