RM, his girlfriend history, dating and love rumors


Find out who the girls have been who have stolen his heart. RM has been characterized by being a person of great leadership, inspiring and highly educated, but what about his love life ?

As an idol, he has preferred to focus on his career and pursue his dreams, he is even studying a bit of contemporary art. He also enjoys his time in museums and exhibitions, but like all celebrities he has been related to some idols or rumors have been invented regarding his heart, although he also has a somewhat sad past in love. We tell you what their history has been and deny the dating and girlfriend rumors

Predebut / Debut:

During his student days, Namjoon suffered his first love disappointment . The idol met a very popular girl and they became boyfriends. However, the girl was very sociable and had many friends, jealousy? Yes, there were, but it was more a topic related to the insecurity that he suffered at that time.

This was a trigger for RM , there were many fights and differences, in addition, it is said that they did not share the same values, but it was a great lesson for him, since he achieved the courage and strength to love himself , a message that has been transmitted to him ARMY through speeches and songs.


Since that breakup, he has remained focused on his career. Although during an interview after his appearance on the Billboards, Namjoon explained that “Love Yourself” was very personal and some fans made the assumption that he had a hidden girlfriend.

Also, during the group’s vacation, some wondered who the person taking the photos was, implying that it was a girl, but it turned out to be their mother.

Idols you have been related to:

Hwasa from MAMAMOO

Both have broken the stereotypes of K-pop and have shown great talent and presence on stage, some fans began to speculate about both, as they would seem a totally compatible and powerful couple due to the message of self-love that they have handled. But among them there is only likely to be some admiration as artists.


is a famous Korean soloist who has worked with RM at some events where they were both MC. However, there was nothing romantic between them, but Namjoon proved to be a gentleman when she was by her side. Their relationship was merely professional.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung

has been mere speculation from fans, there is no close relationship between them, other than the interactions that the two groups have had at the Korean awards, where a look between them arouses the suspicions of the fans.

Ideal Girl / Celeb Crush:

Blake Lively , star of “Gossip Girl”, and one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, has stolen his heart, the same RM confessed in an interview with the group.

But the one to steal his heart must be someone attractive, who has a topic of conversation to talk to him, we know he likes art, so he will always be interested in something. He also prefers someone feminine, tall and pale skinned.

Despite the fact that he has not had a formal relationship, it seems that his career with BTS keeps him busy, also after strengthening his self-esteem and security, people are much happier without depending on someone or any romance relationship, so that your ideal girl will arrive at the right time.

But if you want to know more about other aspects of Namjoon’s life, we leave you a list with 18 curiosities of the idol that will surprise you, beyond his image as an idol, he has a lot of intelligence, great leadership and many qualities.


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