RM From BTS Told What He Thinks About Marriage


As the BTS members age, nothing is known about their official relationship. It is always difficult for idols to be in a relationship, and even more so to formalize them officially, and then get married.

On December 9, a new episode of “The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge” was released with the participation of RM from BTS. The theme of the day revolved around love with the question: “What kind of person do we love? “.RM de BTS révèle ce qu'il pense du mariage

The conversation turned out to be particularly interesting. Shim Chae Kyung said: “It made me wonder what the definition of love is. I thought about so many different kinds of love and came up with the idea of a love like the one I have for myself. Kim Young Ha then added: “I was thinking about love from a scientific point of view to try to understand how love works. »

It was then that RM expressed his opinion on this, reminding that he is the only one on the show who is not married. He said :

“I think that people born in the 1990s are especially skeptical about marriage. Could something like this happen in my life? I used to think of [marriage] as a natural process [in life], but just a few years ago I thought: “I may never get married.””

The fact that he has already taken the time to think about it so sincerely means that in a few years, whether he marries or not, it will be a well-considered decision about what is best for him and his heart. Anyway, we hope he does what makes him happy!


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