RM forgets Taehyung in this iconic photograph


RM forgets Taehyung in this iconic photograph. Tae’s funny reaction will make you laugh.

Although there is a great job among all the members of BTS , where everyone has a special connection with the others, this time the leader got something out of hand.

The boys a few weeks ago performed at the Grammy Awards and performed in a special show with Lili Nast X and other artists, who were excited to share the stage.

That day BTS , a very happy picture was taken, Jimin was in charge of holding the cell phone, so it looks very close to the camera , then you see Suga, RM, Jungkook, Jin and J-Hope , but one is missing Where was V ?

In a recent post on Weverse , Namjoon uploaded a photo showing that he is sitting on the grass and leaving him the iconic selfie of that day, that of the Grammy , V put him in the comments section :

Where am i?

Hahahaha, no doubt these guys have a great sense of humor, RM still does not answer V, what you can see is that their friendship is unique, right?

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