RM explains why BTS won’t be the same


Kim Namjoon explained the value of each of the 7 members of BTS. The Bangtan Boys are characterized by their style and the music they make to reach the heart of ARMY, but their chemistry is not only something that can be noticed on stage or in their productions, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, RM, V and J-Hope complement each other, each of the idol personalities are unique.

The road to success of the ‘ON’ performers has been very long, with effort and great determination they managed to create their own name in the difficult and competitive world of K-pop, jumping to international fame with their talent and charisma.

Since the BTS project began there were some changes and the lineup of the group represented by Big Hit Entertainment, underwent some modifications, leaving out some rappers who proposed a Hip Hop concept.

Many people believe in fate and others in coincidence, you can call it whatever you want, the lives of the members came together and now they make up one of the boy bands with more complicity.

RM was questioned about the dynamics of BTS, the rapper answered some questions in the group’s fan cafe in Japan, during the interview Namjoon was very happy to be able to interact with the entire public.

The question was:

At what point did you think that BTS had to be 7 members?

The first reaction of the interpreter of ‘Winter Flower’ was surprise, and after he reflected, he very surely answered:

Always, when we take photos and we are not all, it feels empty …

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The leader of the Bangtan Boys revealed that his colleagues make him feel very safe, even in the photographs and each one is his position are indispensable for the development of his band, Owwww.

RM went on to say that he thinks he has the 7 syndrome, making reference to his connection to the number, it is a finger that has brought good luck to Korean pop idols.


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