RM explains what to do to flirt with his crush


Through an interview BTS’s RM revealed what he would do to flirt with a girl; his reaction caused a furor on social media.

Surprising! The boys of BTS continue to amaze the ARMY with their occurrences, although this time RM, the leader of the K-Pop band, caused a furor on social networks due to his unexpected comment, as the idol revealed what he would say to his crush.

And it is that everything arose from a dynamic of questions and answers that the members of the South Korean group had, but when it was the rapper’s turn to talk about what he would do to flirt with his special staff, his response shocked users.

RM of the K-Pop group BTS, knows how to make girls fall in love, because he has such a flirtatious look that it melts the hearts of the ARMY, so his recent comment about his seduction tactics surprised his fans, as the video has obtained thousands of views.

RM reveals what he would say to his crush

Through Twitter they released the moment when RM, the leader of the South Korean boy band, commented a phrase that he would say to his ideal girl, so if you need to take note of it, we share the amazing response that the rapper gave to make love to your crush.

“You want to be the Nutella to my bread.” Commented.

The other idols of the South Korean group BTS were surprised by the rapper’s response, even some of the members began to laugh, because his response was so adorable and unexpected, although his fans were fascinated with his way of seducing his girl.

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The video they shared on social networks has obtained more than 368 thousand views, so the girls have taken note of the phrase that RM would say to his crush, because the rapper is a conqueror. Did you find the phrase that the idol revealed to flirt interesting?


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