RM explains what he does to take care of his plants


BTS leader RM drove the ARMY crazy again by revealing what he likes to do the most with his plants. Find out what he said!

One of the things that most fascinates the rapper RM of the South Korean group BTS, is the dedication and love he has for his plants, even in a video that his fans shared on social networks, you can hear the revelations that the leader told them to the other idols.

In addition to being one of the members of the most influential K-Pop band of the moment, he also has his recreational activities and various things that he likes to do in his spare time, such as reading a good book, painting and taking care of nature.

In that video that shared a Twitter account that is dedicated to the rapper RM of the BTS group, it can be seen that the idol was in a truck accompanied by Suga and Jimin, although one of the dancers asked the leader if he talks to his plants .

Discover what RM does with your plants

In that clip it is heard that Jimin asked the BTS rapper what he does when he takes care of his plants, so RM commented that sometimes he talks to his plants, he even asks them if the sun is too strong. His answer drove the ARMY crazy, as the leader is an adorable boy.

In another video that his fans also shared, it can be seen that the South Korean singer of the K-Pop band is very careful with his plants, because when he goes on a trip, he always takes his plants everywhere, because he enjoys be surrounded by nature.

BTS’s RM is one of the idols who cared about nature, so every time the ARMY sees a video about him, he causes great tenderness because of how adorable he looks when taking care of his plants. Were you fascinated by the responses the rapper made?

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