RM donates one million dollars to republish old books


RM from the k-pop band BTS performed a charity act for his birthday a few days ago.

The leader of the BangTan Boys, RM donated 100 million KRW (185,6240.21 Mexican pesos approximately) to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Foundation.

The money will be used to restore and republish old art books that are no longer available for print.

The books will be donated to libraries in schools in various rural communities, as well as to the library within the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Foudnation.

These are the old books that RM helped rescue

Eight books by seven Korean authors will be reprinted: Kim Hwan Ki, Lee Joong Seop, Byun Wol Ryong, Yoo Young Kuk, Park Rae Hyun, and Lee Seung Jo.

The foundation is preparing 500 games for a total of 4,000 books, with the goal of being ready by mid-October.

The foudnation said: “RM said he wanted to support the art world which always gave him inspiration and respite. He understood art better through books and wanted children who did not have immediate access to museums to be able to easily access art” .

“We were both surprised and happy. We will work with RM, who comes to the museum to visit and helps to increase interest in art, to spread the culture of art books ”, they declared.

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ARMY knows that Namjoon is a huge fan of reading, even for his past 26th birthday, thousands of fans organized events inspired by the books that the idol has recommended throughout his years as an artist.

RM and the rest of the BangTan Boys often make various donations to support social causes which are almost always supported by their millions of fans around the world. So this contribution from rap Monster surely inspired ARMY. Do you think that RM’s influence could encourage fans to read?


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