RM is considered one of the best leaders in K-pop


A survey placed the rapper as a good leader for his group. RM has been characterized as the voice of great emotional speeches, the support of his BTS colleagues and the voice of self-love with which he inspires ARMY.

Namjoon was commissioned to speak in front of the UN assembly as part of his role as UNICEF ambassadors against bullying and it seems that his activities as a leader have earned him recognition by the knetizens.

Through a survey titled “The Korean Celebrity with Powerful Leadership Quality . ” Several idols and RM competed for the first place, which was assigned by the opinions and votes of the users.

Namjoon was crowned the winner thanks to his good work as the head of BTS . Jungkook is one of his peers who has expressed his admiration for him, even considers him a role model, since he drove him since they started their way in the K-pop industry.


The idol is known for his intelligence, taste for art and studies in this area, his advice on nature, the self-love he learned thanks to ARMY, among other qualities.

Some ARMYs on social media have shared some messages to acknowledge his leadership and congratulate him on how well he has done his job.


In addition to his great leadership and support for his colleagues, RM is known for his love of art and his visits to cultural exhibitions in different museums, an activity to which he has dedicated time during the quarantine.


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