RM compares BTS members to Teletubbies


RM considers BTS guys to look like Teletubbies.

The world has reacted to BTS’s new single, Dynamite, even pushing the music video to break some jaw-dropping records. Now, the Bangtan Boys get together to see said video.

The members sat down to watch the full video at first, enjoying the way ARMY did when they saw the clip for the first time, with Mochi getting into an impromptu re-enactment of the MV’s dance moves, but RM took the opportunity to make a more special dynamic.

NamJoon took the opportunity to compare the rest of the members with the friendly Teletubbies, because according to him the choreography at the end is very similar to what these characters did for children, so when revealing this all the bangtang companions laughed, enjoying the witty moment.

RM the most successful composer

The leader of the South Korean band was recognized a few days ago by being named as the young composer with the most songs recorded in Korea, through the Association of Songwriters of that country.

There are more than 160 songs that Namjoon has registered in the association, along with Big Hit Entertainment, who carry the career of BTS, including this renowned composer of only 25 years.

The also called Rap Monster is living one of the best moments of his artistic career with the boys of BTS, because his recent song Dynamite has managed to conquer millions of people, because a week after the premiere of the song, they already have more 200 million views on YouTube.

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It seems that the secret of the bangtang is the union of the members, because the rapper has also confessed on several occasions that the harmony in the team is very important to him. Do you think the boys of BTS are like the Teletubbies?


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