RM comments on ARMY’s “Dynamite”


The leader RM of the South Korean group BTS, caused a furor on social media by talking about the messages he received from the ARMY.

Since the inception of the K-Pop group BTS, the seven members RM, V, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, and J-Hope have gained popularity for their great talents in singing, composing, and dancing, which has fascinated them. to the ARMY, so the guys enjoy giving interviews.

In a recent interview, the leader of the South Korean boy band talked about the great family he has formed with each of the members, revealing that each one is a different personality, but when they come together they create a fantastic mix, even the compared to a hamburger.

But in one of the comments he made regarding the reactions the ARMY had to the song “Dynamite”, the 26-year-old rapper RM spoke about the comments that have been sent to him, so the response he made idol of the band BTS caused a sensation in the networks.

RM appreciates the ARMY’s love

In that interview, the leader of the K-Pop group mentioned that around him there are many ARMYs, friends, sisters, brothers, who have mentioned that the songs of the group when they are released on digital platforms, is what they really need hear.

And it is that every time that BTS idols make their new projects known to their fans, they manage to captivate each one of them, the lyrics of their songs have been admired by the ARMY, their most recent song “Dynamite” has received positive messages from your fans.

The leader RM of the South Korean K-Pop group is one of the idols who has managed to excite his fans every time he gives an interview; His comments have left the ARMY very astonished, as the rapper is a sincere and charming boy.


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