RM celebrates Dynamite’s success with a new photo


Dynamite showed its strength on the Billboard chart for the second week and RM celebrated BTS’s success by sharing a photo with his fans.

It hasn’t been long since BTS topped Billboard’s weekly chart for the US Hot 100 for the first time, but Dynamite surprised by landing this spot for two weeks in a row and the idol group showed their excitement to fans.

Although the idols that make up Bangtan Sonyeondan were in charge of sharing their emotion with a video full of energy and joyful shouts at the incredible surprise, the happiness and pride of these boys is maintained to the maximum, that is why RM also greeted his followers in a way special.

The leader of the Big Hit Entertainment group shared a charming image where we see him in cold colors and wearing an all in black outfit. Namjoon has his hair slicked back and placed his hands on his chin while looking captivatingly at the camera.

RM accompanied this post with a very special message that showed his pride at the success that the idol group has achieved with Dynamite, their most recent song and MV, so he said:

Dynamite is once again # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The tweet included some emojis with sunglasses, making it clear how incredible this surprising event is but also that he is aware that everything has been thanks to the hard work of the group and its followers.

Fans have not stopped supporting BTS and Dynamite, as well as the celebrations for the good results that Bangtan Sonyeondan has obtained, so this group and their latest melody could surprise us with more great achievements.

If you are a fan of this idol group, you will surely love to know who are those who inspire the style and fashion of BTS, we will tell you the details.

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