RM bought this luxurious apartment


RM bought this luxurious apartment. It is reported that the BTS leader has acquired a house in a very exclusive complex. Namjoon is opening house.

The apartment is valued at more than 4 trillion won , approximately $ 4 million, located on Hannam Hill in the HannamDong neighborhood of South Korea’s capital Seoul.


Hannam is known for being a very safe place within the city , but it is also very difficult to find a place to live, apart from the price of the houses, it is very rare to find a free space within that neighborhood .

This new acquisition of RM was liquidated immediately in cash , this complex of apartments has many recreational activities within facilities such as swimming pool, cafeteria, house you, gym and sauna.

Jin bought two apartments in the same facility in consecutive years, 2018 and 2010, one for his parents and one for him.

Each of the BTS members have worked hard to buy their things, their career has been growing and what better investment than a home.

Check out the video of what could be RM’s new house :


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