RM and V make ARMY sigh after this shocking scene


V and RM wowed the ARMY with this video of theirs, in which they appear singing Dynamite

On September 16, the boys of BTS appeared on the television program “America’s Got Talent” where they performed their most recent single Dynamite, but they carried out a live version of the official video, which made ARMY fall in love.

In fact, each of the idols was wearing the wardrobe they are wearing in the official video, so V is combed with her hair slicked to the sides, and RM has her shirt with stars and brown pants.

What caught the attention of the performance the most, at least to the fans of Kim Namjoon, was a video where, after singing V, the leader of the bangtang appears next to him, the two looking beautiful as always.

“This scene should be considered a world heritage site”, “We can talk about how handsome Taehyung and Namjoon are”, were some of the comments on Twitter.

Watch the scene from V and RM

The video on twitter that shared the cut scene already has more than 113.9 thousand views, which clearly makes us understand that the ARMY loved this moment of both idols.

And it is that the popularity of the leader of bts is so much that not only has he broken records as being the most listened to around the world, or the composer with the most songs recorded, but also ARMY is willing to leave everything for him.

In fact, while doing a live for his fans, Rap Monster received a message from a girl, who assured him that she stopped having an intimate moment with her boyfriend just because he was live, and that her priority was to see him.

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