RM and an idol, a Michael Jackson style dance duel show


Through the networks they released the behind-the-scenes video of the “Dynamite” video clip; leader RM competed in a dance duel.

After unveiling the long-awaited song “Dynamite” by BTS, the fans of the K-Pop band have shared unforgettable moments through social networks, although a recent video that ARMY uploaded on Twitter, it can be seen that RM the leader of the boy band had a dance duel, with whom of the idols did he compete?

The members of the South Korean group are very close and have shared unforgettable moments throughout their careers in the music industry, so on certain occasions they take advantage of having fun despite having different work commitments, as happened in the recordings of his recent single.

We recall that the premiere of the music video for “Dynamite” caused a sensation on the different digital platforms, as the long-awaited theme became a trend and broke a new record in terms of its views on YouTube, since in the video clip they paid tribute to Michael Jackson.

RM shows off Michael Jackson dance moves

Due to the premiere of their new video clip, a group of Twitter fans shared a behind-the-scenes video, where you can see the way RM dances from the South Korean group BTS, while competing with Jin, as both dancers astonished users with his Michael Jackson-style dance moves.

The video captured the attention of more than 31 thousand users, who were amazed by the steps taken by the boys of the boy band during the music video for “Dynamite”, as each member of the K-Pop group left the ARMY very in love.

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There is no denying that RM the leader of BTS is a very talented boy like Jin, as both showed how well they know how to dance, since in the music video you can see the amazing dance steps they did in the style of Michael Jackson . Do you consider that the song of the South Korean group is the best of this 2020?


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