RM adds an important artistic work to its collection


BTS RM apart from feeling a great connection to music, he is a lover of artistic works, the idol acquired a very special painting that is now part of his collection.

Namjoon is one of the idols who has most expressed his love for artistic expressions, BTS’s melodies are highly influenced by texts, stories and classic novels, but not only that, the rapper has a large collection of works of art.


During this period of time the leader of BTS has been seen in different museums and art galleries, where in addition to going to be inspired by the vision of life of different authors, he takes advantage of his attendance at these places to consider the works that They will complement your collection of paintings.


Due to his love for art, it was revealed that the idol acquired the painting ‘A School On a Hill’, a work created by the Korean artist Son Sangki, who was born in 1949 and died in 1988 leaving a great cultural legacy and picturesque.

The painting was painted in the year 1987, it has an extension of 51 x 60 centimeters and was captured in oil on canvas. ‘A School On a Hill’ represents the whole essence of Son Sangki, the association that safeguards Son’s works said that Namjoon was very interested in Sangki’s work because he felt a very strong bond with the artist.



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