RM acquires a luxurious painting by artist Jung Young-Joo


BTS’s Namjoon acquired a millionaire new artwork from artist Jung Young-Joo. The leader of the BigHit group has been characterized by having a very high IQ, in addition to being fond of books and having hobbies visiting exhibitions and museums, he is even studying a Master of Art, as it is one of the things that most he likes them and recently acquired a new work in his collection.


According to information from Korean portals, RM bought a painting by painter Jung Young-Joo, which cost 50 million won, What ?????? The idol was able to meet the author of the paintings last March, he even got one of his works. The artist described him as an educated and intelligent boy.

His love for art led him to acquire another of the paintings from Jung Young-Joo’s collection, whose works are characterized by depicting villages under a night sky and illuminated by street lamps, giving the feeling of warmth and tranquility. If the calculations are correct, RM spent more than 800 thousand pesos to acquire the work.


His hobby in art goes beyond collecting works by talented artists, it was also reported that to celebrate his birthday, the idol of BigHit decided to make a donation of 100 million won to benefit the National Museum of Contemporary Art and Culture and to help book distribution.

Namjoon assured that his action is with the purpose of supporting this area that he likes so much and that has inspired him, so he wants young people with limited resources to experience art and culture through books, just as he does. has done.

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Without a doubt, their fondness for works has allowed the work of talented Korean artists to become known, who communicate something through their paintings, just as RM has done with BTS through their music.


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