RM, a message island for ARMY on his birthday


RM dedicates an emotional message to the ARMY on his 27th birthday. The leader of BTS is celebrating, in South Korea it is already September 12, the date that the native of the city of Sangdo-dong was born. On social media, ARMY sent him the first congratulations of the night through hashtags like #NamjoonDay, but the idol also congratulated himself and dedicated a few words to the fans.


Through BTS’s official account, RM shared a series of photos and a special message to commemorate his 26th birthday (27th in Korean age). As the leader of the group, he could be considered the oldest member, since Jin occupies, the idol decided to reflect on his growth and his new year of life.

Namjoon admitted that reaching his age feels like a long time since he’s close to 30, although things don’t feel that serious to him and he doesn’t consider it a big number. The idol also posted a photo surrounded by balloons, a party hat, and accompanied by the BTS boys, all in pale pink outfits.

In the message that RM dedicated to the ARMY, the idol asked them to stay healthy, the pandemic still continues, but he also advised them that the rest of the year and the one to come, they will try to enjoy it by being happy and leaving stress away as much as they could. Awwwww!

The idol has received various expressions of affection for his birthday, for which he thanked ARMY for their support and assured them that he loves them much more. He also dedicated his own message to the group’s Twitter account: “Happy birthday to me” and revealed some photos of his personal life.

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RM did not miss the opportunity to capture in the images one of his favorite hobbies: art exhibitions, a selfie that left more than one sighing and another photo with a girl while walking through the streets.

Since BTS’s debut, RM had to grow faster due to the responsibility of guiding his 6 classmates, as well as being the representative of the group in interviews abroad or carrying the group’s message in the middle of the assembly of the group. UN has also been a great example for the ARMY, as he himself experienced his motto “love yourself”.


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