RJ debuts on the reality show Master Chef


Jin’s adorable pet RJ had a guest appearance on the famous Indonesian reality show “Master Chef”. BT21’s characters have gained the same popularity as BigHit’s idols. The mascots of each of the members have earned their own place in the heart of ARMY, each of them represents a part of the members’ personality and Jin has shown a great affection for RJ, who is even a great cook. .


Through social media, ARMY shared a new video related to BTS. The K-pop group has become very popular thanks to their music and the love of ARMY, but so have the BT21 characters, mascots that were created by themselves and represent each of the members.

The alpaca RJ seems to have inherited the brilliance and presence of its owner Jin, as the BT21 character debuted in the famous reality show “Master Chef”, a program where contestants cook countless dishes to show their talent. In the Indonesian version, a girl decided to take the idol’s pet as a companion.

In the video that circulates on Twitter, one of the judges is curious to know who is at the participant’s station, she replies that it is RJ, as she considers him her lucky charm. The small stuffed alpaca was on the table, the girl took it in the form of a keychain to be able to have fortune in the program.

The judges looked at it with curiosity, one of them even took it and apparently published a photo where he holds RJ, through his personal Instagram and Twitter account, the expert named Arnold Poenormo asked where he could get one like it, well He wants to give it to his son, but he doesn’t want to stand in line, so he asked the ARMY for help.


BTS fans joked about the fact that RJ appeared on one of the most famous shows on TV, which has been adapted in various countries.


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