RJ Civil Police is hacked and website goes down


The official website of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro was attacked on Tuesday afternoon (26) and is down. The attack, identified as deface, was carried out by a team known as Noias do Amazonas, known for website disfigurements and database leaks.

The deface works like graffiti: an attacker places an image, figure, text, video in some domain to pass a message. In this case, there was no message, just a signature.

The policiacivil.rj.gov.br domain was also affected

Off-air, the policiacivilrj.net.br domain serves to provide citizens with more information about the corporation. In addition, details about contests, organization chart, contacts, police station locator etc. So far, it is still possible to open an online police report via the Online Police Station on the website dedic.pcivil.rj.gov.br.

When accessing the official website of the Police, it is possible to find the signature of the attackers: “hacked by SANNINJA & rauspretu”. A member of Noias do Amazonas, Sanninja was taken by the Federal Police to be heard about the leakage of data from the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), during the first round of elections, on November 15, 2020.

So far, there is no information about leaks of credentials, database or any sensitive information present on the site.


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