Rivian R1T electric pickup delayed until 2021


The Rivian R1T electric pickup, long awaited by fans of this growing segment of the market, will have its launch delayed because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. According to the InsideEVs website, company employees have already received a statement informing them of the incident, while consumers should be notified shortly.

R1T was planned to have the first units delivered by 2020, but now the timetable suggests that they will be sent to consumers who made the advance purchase only next year. There is no defined month, as this can only be predicted according to the duration of social isolation and more rigid practices of the so-called lockdown in certain regions, such as Illinois, where Rivian’s factory is located.

The R1T truck was considered the third most awaited 100% electric car by consumers, in front of the Tesla Cybertruck and behind only launches from traditional automakers such as Ford and GM. In addition to being a project of an independent company, the vehicle has very curious features, such as a kind of complete and retractable kitchen that allows its use during camping trips and trips, for example.

The company’s SUV model, the R1S, may also be delayed, although no confirmation has been mentioned.


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