Riverdale: what year are we after the time jump?


Great news for Riverdale fans! If you are not sure if you understood the time jump in Season 5, we explain!

Are you addicted to Riverdale? Did the start of season 5 confuse you a bit?

Indeed, Riverdale finally fell on Netflix! But as usual with Riverdale, the plot is confusing for many fans!

If you’re up to date with the latest episodes on Netflix, you know that Episode 3, “Graduation” is about high school graduation! The next episode, “Purgatorio,” on the other hand, reveals the characters as adults, who return years later.

Unsurprisingly, fans are wondering! What happened during the time jump? What year are we now?

As of Episode 4, there’s been a seven-year jump into the future … but it’s not clear if that means the show is taking place now or beyond! While the aesthetic of Riverdale is quite vintage and ambiguous, it is believed that until Episode 4, the series played out today.

Fans have noticed that in Episode 3, Cheryl opens a time capsule of the Class of 1945 on her 75th birthday, which means they are living in 2020! So, given the seven-year jump, would that mean Episode 4 takes place around 2027?

To make matters even more confusing, in Episode 4 Veronica is seen saying to her husband, Chad, “It’s 2021, Chad.” So what is it really?


Shock! With his information, the fans no longer know where to look, or what to think! Asked about the timeline, Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre Sacasa told ET Online, “I mean the aesthetic will always be timeless, but we let it go. It’s funny and I’m not sure! But I think in some of the banners in the graduation episode it says “Congratulations to the class of 2021!” “. ”

Everything is therefore very confusing! Did Veronica break the fourth wall? Or is there something more frightening involved?

Explaining why the producers of Riverdale chose to include the time jump in the first place, Roberto told E! Weekly: “What excites us the most is that after four seasons of fairly elaborate and complicated storytelling, this leap in time allows us to start with a clean slate, move through the stories, and then catch up. people. And that allows us to play new dynamics. ”

He then continued, “We’re going to unbox the seven years throughout the season! In a way, I think the season is a trauma. And how our different characters deal with the trauma and how it has kept them from fully developing into their new lives. But we’re going to fill in the gaps, absolutely. ”

So to follow in the next episodes!


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