Riverdale: The parade is more delicate with Sabrina!


Riverdale continues to shake the Web with season 5. Today it is his crossover with Sabrina that greatly intrigues fans.

Riverdale is enjoying great success. And since the announcement of a crossover with Sabrina, the Web seems very excited. In fact, some information is starting to leak.

Season 5 of Riverdale is at the heart of all subjects on the Web. It must be said that this great comeback was long overdue by fans of the series. They were therefore the happiest in the world.

And this season is already shaping up to be full of surprises. Thus, the writers seem to have put the small dishes in the big ones. What to delight fans of suspense therefore.

The start of season 5 is already rich in twists and turns. The rest is therefore very promising. Not bad !

Very attached to the characters of the series, the fans of Riverdale were therefore happy to find them. But the latter have grown up well. Eh yes !

And for good reason, viewers have witnessed a jump of 7 years into the future. Thus, high school life is far behind them. The viewers therefore seemed very surprised.

But since you do not change a winning team, the young heroes are faced with a new murder. What would Riverdale be without a good dose of mystery?

Besides, this is not the only surprise. Indeed, Sabrina would land in Riverdale. MCE TV tells you more!

Riverdale: the crossover with Sabrina is becoming more and more precise!


The Riverdale showrunner then explains that a crossover with Sabrina is in serious discussion. And this news should therefore surprise all viewers.

Indeed, by joining the two favorite series of teenagers can only give birth to a big success. Rather smart then.

Riverdale is all about betrayals and murder. For its part, the Sabrina series concerns a witch who fights the forces of evil. In short, the combo looks perfect.

Last July Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that he wanted to create a crossover called “The Witch War”. And since then, it seems that this project has matured well.

In fact, he explains then, “I’ll tell you, we’ve had a lot of conversations to find a way to bring characters from Katy Keene to Riverdale and Sabrina to Riverdale. ”

So he adds, “So it’s more possible that it ever was, let me tell you that.” In short, the project has never been more real than now. So it gives all viewers a lot of hope.

In fact, actress Kiernan Shipka would also like this crossover to take place. She had previously explained that the heroes of Riverdale could benefit from the presence of a witch.

Even if nothing is confirmed, this project seems more concrete than ever. Fans therefore seem motivated at the mere idea of ​​this crossover. To be continued.


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