Riverdale: The most influential characters in the series?


Riverdale fans have been able to see Season 5 recently. Some people are very influential in the small town of Archie.

Season 5 of Riverdale began a few weeks ago. Some characters in the show have long arms and control the small town of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

A few weeks ago, The CW channel launched the broadcast of season 5 of Riverdale. After more than a year of absence, fans got to see Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica again. The three young heroes graduated and left their small hometown. The series also jumped in time for 7 years.

After several years of absence, the four heroes have returned to town. Betty became an FBI agent while Veronica is a stock broker. Then, Jughead tried to become a writer while his friend Archie went to the military.

In the sequel to Season 5, Jughead and his friends will try to save their old high school. For this, they will have to confront Hiram Lodge, who still controls the city. Veronica’s dad cut the school budget, but the school managed to stay open.

Hiram is therefore the most influential in Riverdale and behaves like a real king in his town. Nevertheless, Hermione also has a tremendous amount of power. Veronica’s mother does not lack contacts and is an outstanding businesswoman. Not to mention that she does TV and is therefore very well known.

Riverdale: which characters are the most influential in the series?


In the series, Cheryl Blossom is also powerful in the small town. For a long time, his family ran Riverdale with their huge maple syrup business. Now she is the head of this empire and the young woman is more influential than ever and has a lot of money. Not to mention that it has always been very popular.

Cheryl was named prom queen in season 5. Despite the death of her brother, she remained strong and managed to make friends. So she is one of the people who could control the small town. Nevertheless, Toni has nothing to envy her since she is also very important.

Toni became Queen of the Serpents in Riverdale and found her place. In fact, she was in a relationship with Cheryl for a long time. The young woman gained popularity dating her and has evolved a lot. She is one of the most beloved characters on the show. Finally, another Lodge knows how to get noticed in town.

Veronica learned everything from her parents and has already proven herself to be a real businesswoman. While in high school, she started her club and relied on her many contacts to keep it afloat. By the way, after the time jump, Veronica became a broker and therefore has a lot of money. Hiram had better beware of his beloved daughter!


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