Riverdale: the father of Toni’s baby will be revealed soon?


Season 5 of Riverdale began a few weeks ago. Fans were very surprised to see Toni pregnant on the show. Riverdale fans have been treated to a brand new episode of Season 5. Toni is pregnant, but the young woman was unwilling to reveal the identity of the baby’s father. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

But who is the father of Toni’s baby in Riverdale? Season 5 arrived a few weeks ago after more than a year of absence. The series has had a hard time arriving because of the Covid-19. Indeed, the actors had to shoot while respecting the strict sanitary measures.

However, this new season has many surprises in store for fans. First, our young heroes said goodbye to their high school years. Betty and Jughead investigated the voyeur one last time and discovered Jellybean was behind the many embarrassing videos.

Before prom, Betty and Archie kissed in Riverdale. Veronica found a beautiful love song and thought it was meant for her. However, Archie ended up telling him the truth and Hermione Lodge’s daughter was heartbroken. So, she broke up with her sweetheart during the ball.

It was therefore with great emotion that the young heroes received their diplomas. Subsequently, the series made a time jump of more than seven years. Suffice to say, a lot has happened and the fans have had a huge surprise. And for good reason Toni is… pregnant!

Riverdale season 5: the father of Toni’s baby will be revealed soon?


The past week on Riverdale, fans were very scared for Betty. Indeed, during the time jump, Jughead’s ex was kidnapped for several days by the Trash Bag Killer. What to give chills to everyone and the young woman joined the FBI. Yet she is back in her hometown and has seen her friends again.

In Episode 5, Betty, Jughead, Archie and Veronica came together for a great cause. The young people did everything to save their school. Hiram Lodge cut the school’s budget and therefore wanted to close it. Thus, our young heroes fought to keep the doors of the establishment open.

For this, they called on Toni. Very soon, fans noticed that Cheryl’s ex had a nice round stomach. Actress Vanessa Morgan was pregnant while filming Season 5 of Riverdale. So the series found a way to fit him into the plot. So who is the father?

This is the question that all fans ask themselves. And for good reason, Toni seems to make it a real secret. However, fans will have to wait until Episode 8 to find the answer. “There will be an answer to that question (…) It’s a big announcement when this happens, I can tell you. This is a big, big announcement, “Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased in The Wrap. So, do fans already know the father of Toni’s unborn baby? Case to follow!


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