Riverdale: the 10 most memorable moments of the series


Riverdale: If you are a Riverdale fan, you will understand how difficult it is to choose 10 remarkable moments of this series that is making history among the teen series and you will also be thrilled to relive these parts that we chose from everything that happened.

However, if you are interested in watching Riverdale, but have not yet started, watch out! Here, we’ll talk about the most memorable moments of the series, so know that there will be spoilers!

Check out Riverdale’s ten most memorable moments.

10. The First “Bughead” Kiss

One of the most memorable moments of the 1st season is the first kiss between Betty and Jughead. Even more for comic book fans, who had to wait years for the kiss to finally happen. On the other hand, the series offered this in the first season!

9. Archie shows Fred the jalopy

After returning the Pontiac Firebird to Hiram, Fred buys his famous jalopy to fix it with his father, who is moved by his son’s attitude. Now, they can both fix an old car together, just like Fred did with his father.

8. When Jughead becomes the “Serpent King”

After FP’s retirement, Jughead sacrifices himself for the Southside Serpents and ends up being “crowned” the new Serpent King by his own father. The scene and FP’s words are very emotional, as is Jug saying he loves him. You can’t help but have watery eyes!

7. Cheryl tells Toni about her sexuality

Another moment that left our hearts tight was when Cheryl and Toni watched “With Love, Simon”, and Cheryl opened up to the girl, talking about Heather, a girl from high school that she loved but that her mother ended up destroying the relationship between. two. Here, fans of “Choni” went crazy!

6. Jughead reunites with his family

After spending three seasons following Jughead’s family problems, there’s nothing like finally seeing him reuniting with his mother and sister in Riverdale. Until now, we only knew that they were gone to escape the drinking problems of PF.

5. Alice goes to Polly’s baby shower

Although we know that Alice did everything she could to make Polly’s life hell during the series, sending her to a convent and wanting to get rid of the babies she was expecting, it was impossible not to be thrilled to see her participate in the tea party. baby with Alice and Betty.

Alice apologized to her daughter and gave a lamp, which Polly liked as a child, for her babies. Difficult to hold back the tears, right?

4. When everyone meets at the hospital to support Archie

Their hearts started to beat faster during the second season, when everyone went to the hospital to support Archie, who was not sure what would happen to Fred.

His father ended up being shot by the Black Hood, at Pop’s, and was taken to the hospital by his son. There, all his friends (and their parents) got together to support him while he waited for news.

3. Pop’s farewell party

If there is anything that represents the Riverdale series like no one else is Pop’s! After a leap forward in time, Pop decides to retire and Archie presents him with an exciting farewell party!

Archie gives Pop a Bulldog coat, as he never had a chance to graduate, and Jughead gives a speech, thanking and ensuring that his restaurant will always be a safe place for everyone.

2. When Archie takes Fred’s body home

The death of actor Luke Perry caught the entire cast and Riverdale fans off guard. Thus, the writers decided to honor the actor with an extremely emotional episode. Archie returns to the city with the body of his father, who was involved in an accident, being run over while helping a stranger.

While Archie passes with his father’s body, the whole city sees that (as they awaited Fred’s return alive), and the silent farewell is quite painful, as you can see in the faces of the actors themselves.

1. The Graduation Ceremony

Not to end sadly, this is an exciting and happy moment! It is very satisfying to see Jug, Betty, Veronica and everyone else finally graduating from high school.

Archie fails to graduate this year, but he still walks on the graduation stage with friends. Despite the lack of Fred, it is an episode full of happy moments.

Did you like the scenes we listed? Missing one you love? Share with us in the comments!


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