Riverdale season 5: will Archie die in the sequel?


For some time, rumors abound concerning season 5 of Riverdale. Many expect to see losses and crash … So many of them think that one of the characters, or even several of them, will pass. With Covid-19 slowing the rate of production, some stories are pending.

However, the intrigues of Riverdale will start again. Some episodes planned for season 4 will then be used for the 5th.

On the fan side, there are concerns about the future of Archie, aka KJ Apa. Indeed, serious clues could a priori let us think that the redhead will pass.

On Twitter, the show-runner of the series has already left a few leads lying around… Enough to make Riverdale fans languish!


In season 5, we will therefore be entitled to a fourth episode with a very disturbing title. Entitled “Purgatory”, it suggests that a character will pass the weapon to the left …

We then glimpse 3 female silhouettes. These are of course Betty, Jughead and Veronica, all three in front of a gravestone.

Everything suggests that this is a scene of mourning, because they seem to have come to deposit a bouquet of flowers … In the background, a reddish sky.

But above all, the face of Archie, the hero of Riverdale, decked out in an army helmet. All of this reminds us that the hunk with the red mane wanted to join the naval academy.

We can therefore say that these images leave no room for doubt, although nothing is set in stone. This may be a clue that leads us down the wrong track of course. To be continued …


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