Riverdale Season 5: The Time Jump Episode Airing Tonight


Tonight, The CW is going to air a brand new episode of the Riverdale series. In the latter, a jump in time of 7 years will operate …

Tonight, Americans will be delighted by discovering a brand new episode of Riverdale. In the latter, a time jump will take place.

The episode airs next week on Netflix, but Americans are the first to find out. So what can we expect?

What’s in store for Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica and the rest? For several days, the official social networks of the series have been distilling information in a trickle.

In Riverdale Episode 3, the characters left town to pursue higher education, each on their own. And tonight, your favorite characters will all be adults, since a 7-year jump is going to be made.

The character of Archie is surely the one who will evolve the most. Indeed, failing to do long studies, the latter will go to the army.

In a trailer unveiled on social networks a few days ago, the young man, played by KJ Apa, will therefore be in the army. And the start will not be easy for Jughead’s friend.

Indeed, the young man will be the victim of a war wound which will jeopardize his career in the army. In the images, the young man will return to Riverdale.


But that’s not all. The young man will not be the only one to have seen his life turned upside down by the events. Indeed, Veronica will introduce her new husband.

For his part, Jughead has become a writer. The latter never left his passion for the pen and he will publish a novel which will make a lot of noise.

The bubbly Betty Cooper, played by Lili Reinhart, will become an FBI agent. But again, not everything will be easy for the young woman …

In the episode aired tonight on The CW, the young woman will experience a trauma that will mark her for life. The young woman would have been sequestered for days, according to the latest spoilers …

Another news that Riverdale fans will learn tonight is Toni’s pregnancy. The young woman is expecting a baby and Internet users are in shock.

It was Vanessa Morgan herself who confirmed the news a few weeks ago on social media. Riverdale fans are not at the end of their trouble.

While season 5 is not over yet, a season 6 is already in the works. The CW channel shared the good news on social media.

According to first indiscretions, the character of Sabrina Spellman, the gentle witch of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series, could be arriving.

The actress said she would love the show’s producers to bring her back to life. And why not in Riverdale, a town bordering Greendale.


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