Riverdale season 5 premiere may be canceled


Social isolation has caused film and television productions to postpone filming for too many months, despite the fact that Riverdale began filming its fifth season, the premiere of the new installment could be postponed.

The confinement measures have caused different sectors to be affected, including entertainment, which has felt a severe blow by completely stopping its activities.

Season 5 of Riverdale began filming with great fan emotion, but unfortunately on-location activities completely stopped in March and it was until a few weeks ago that work was resumed to complete the new installment.


The entire cast was filming the series in the city of Vancouver, Canada, but it was reported that the production could cancel its activities completely due to the staff and talent not yet receiving their medical results and as a protective measure, they chose to stop record to avoid contagion between those involved.

Canada is one of the countries that have registered the most infections from the pandemic and medical laboratories are in high demand for tests, which has caused the results to be delayed.


So the outlook for the recordings and the premiere of Riverdale 5 remains doubtful, there is no release date and The CW television could make the decision to pause filming, forcing Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart and the entire cast to take their respective health measures.

There are some details that have come to light, a new character that is involved in the life of Cole and Lili, we invite you to visit: Does Cole Sprouse have a new girlfriend? We tell you who Jessica is.

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