Riverdale season 5: Polly soon to die in the series?


In the next episodes of Riverdale, something bad could happen to the character of Polly, Betty’s big sister!

Bad news for fans of the Riverdale series! Polly, one of the characters present since Season 1, may well die in the next episodes!

All fans of the Riverdale series already know Polly! Indeed, Betty’s big sister was at the heart of the series’ first plots with her pregnancy! So, many will not be happy to learn that this character may be gone forever!

Indeed, the beautiful blonde could be the victim of the serial killer who threatens the inhabitants of the city with his truck! Indeed, at the end of the last episode of this week, we can see the famous truck chasing Betty’s sister!

The suspense is therefore at its height … And no choice, we will have to wait until next Thursday to find out if this iconic character from Riverdale will be the umpteenth victim of the serial killer!

Whatever happens, the city can count on Betty’s support! Indeed, the young woman has become an FBI agent! What’s more, the latter is specialized in the field of serial killers! The whole team of Riverdale, Jughead, Véronica and Archie will obviously help the young woman in her research!

Riverdale season 5: Polly soon to die in the series?


In the last episode of Riverdale, we learn that young Toni is pregnant! However, the latter did not reveal the name of the father of her future child!

So fans of the show are already wondering who this child’s daddy is! Unfortunately, viewers will still have to wait a few more weeks before finding out!

Indeed, the writer of Riverdale explained in a recent interview that the identity of the dad will not be revealed until episode 8! We will therefore have to wait another 3 weeks!

“There will be an answer to that question (…) It’s a big announcement when this happens, I can tell you. This is a big, big announcement, “Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased in The Wrap.

Before this long wait, fans of the series will be able to make their own assumptions… However, after 7 years of break, not sure that the fans are right! Indeed, the 5th episode of the season marked a 7-year jump in time!

The characters in the series have all evolved! So difficult to know who is the father of Toni’s baby! Indeed, in 7 years things that viewers could not even imagine could have happened!

The suspense is therefore at its height! See you in the coming weeks to finally have an answer to this question! In the meantime, don’t miss the next episode of Riverdale online next Thursday on Netflix…


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