Riverdale (Netflix): Lili Reinhart Faced With Identity Theft!


Lili Reinhart, the actress of the Netflix series Riverdale has been the victim of identity theft! We give you more details.

Lili Reinhart, actress of the famous Netflix series Riverdale victim of identity theft!

The Covid-19 pandemic marked the year 2020. The world of cinema has also been affected.

Thus, the filming of the series Riverdale was not spared. Without surprise. But after a few months of delay, the 5th season of the series is finally back on Netflix!

Indeed, the characters of the series have made their comeback on our small screens this January 21. We then discover the new episodes of this season full of surprises! Eh yes.

Speaking of surprises, the promotion of this new season has had a strange event. Indeed, one of the actresses of Riverdale was the victim of a rather surprising mishap.

Lili Reinhart, has indeed been the victim of identity theft! Eh yes. Indeed, a stranger pretended to be her. Just that.

She would have given several interviews on his behalf … It was the American magazine Seventeen which revealed the deception. Having themselves been the victim of this young woman! Eh yes.

In a post published on Twitter, the magazine therefore gives more details. “We published an article containing information supposedly revealed by actress Lili Reinhart” reads.

“We just learned that this person has no connection with the star of the show. »Adds the media. He later apologizes to the actress and the fans as well.


Thus, Seventeen magazine apologized for not verifying its information. In fact, the outlet explains that it immediately removed the Riverdale actress from its website.

“We reacted quickly by removing the article from our site and regret the error,” read the Twitter post. But this incident is not an isolated case. Oh no!

Indeed, another media therefore claims to have been the victim of the same person. This is the Daily Express. Eh yes !

The journalist therefore admits on Twitter to have fallen into his trap. “I’m ashamed and quite disturbed. I apologize to anyone who has been fooled by the article “read on the social network.

The star of Riverdale also ended up reacting to this strange affair on the networks. Eh yes ! On her Instagram account, she explains that she doesn’t quite understand the young woman’s interest in doing this. Without surprise.

“For some strange reason, someone impersonated me during an interview for Seventeen. She didn’t say anything inappropriate to them, but those words were not coming from me and I wanted to let them know. »Writes the pretty blonde.

The usurper also took this opportunity to reveal false information about season 5 of the series. She claimed that the love affair between Betty and Archie continued into this season. Which is therefore false! Case to be continued.


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