Riverdale: learn all about the season 5 premiere


The first episode of Season 5 of Riverdale was aired this Wednesday (20) and has already left many emotions for fans. Although the creators announced a time advance on the series, the new episode started right where season 4 stopped: with Betty and Jughead discovering yet another murder tape.

Check out the full recap below!

More details on the season 5 premiere of Riverdale

After discovering the video, Betty and Jughead decide to use bait to attract the culprit. After all, they have been trying to solve this mystery for weeks. With Betty’s skills, the video becomes an excellent production and one that really has a chance to attract the “director” behind the other videos.

They even followed a trail to an abandoned spot where illegal videos are recorded and found Jellybean there! As suspicious as it is, it’s safe to say that Jughead’s sister can be dropped from the suspect list.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Riverdale High dance without drama. Then, in the middle of the party, a big screen displays a new murder tape. The surprising thing is that none of the students panicked when they saw someone being killed on the screen. On the contrary, they just look shocked. It seems that the students have already gotten used to all the strange things happening in the city.

While this mystery is not solved, the couples of the series also face problems. Cheryl and Toni become king and queen of the dance, but Toni’s grandmother finally finds out that she is dating a Blossom. Therefore, their future is uncertain so far.

In addition, we couldn’t finish the recap of Riverdale’s Season 5 premiere without mentioning the most dramatic moment: the thermal of Archie and Veronica. After all, this love triangle has been the subject of many seasons and Archie finally admitted to his girlfriend that he kissed Betty. Then, Veronica finds a song written by him and is wrong to think that she was the muse of music.

The two decide that it is better to go their own way. Veronica talks about the breakup for her mother, Hermione – whose actress had announced she left the cast in season 4, so this could be one of her last episodes on the series. Meanwhile, her father, Hiram, overhears the conversation hidden. So it might be better for Archie to take care of himself!

With all these emotions coming up, we can only wait for the next episode of Season 5 of Riverdale next week. What do you think will happen? Leave your comment in the space below!


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