Riverdale: first trailer of KJ Apa’s new movie “Songbird”


The youth drama Riverdale, will arrive for fans with its season 5 in the month of January 2021, as announced this Thursday by The CW, after a long wait that has kept fans eager to see their favorite character of the Archie Comic series, Andrew by KJ Apa.

Songbird poster with KJ Apa

And is that if KJ Apa fans are counting the days to see him in the premiere of the fifth season of Riverdale, they could also find him elsewhere while the series arrives. The Riverdale actor will soon release his new movie called “Songbird.”

The story of the new movie Songbird takes place in 2024 when the coronavirus has mutated. It is now killing 50% of the population and the world is in its fourth year of containment. Infected people are forced to leave their homes to go to quarantine camps.

Songbird is a film directed by Adam Mason who is also his co-writer, and the production was born in full quarantine when it began during the month of March 2020. In this regard, the director revealed to Entertainment Weekly the following:

Trailer of the new movie Songbird


In Songbird, KJ Apa plays the hero Nico, who in the midst of strict security and prevention protocols in the face of the coronavirus mutation, finds hope and love in Sara, played by Sofia Carson, with whom he only maintained telephone communication due to estrangement. people

About KJ Apa’s film synopsis, the director and co-writer describes that Songbirg takes place in a terrifying dystopian world, and tells the story of a romantic about two who want to be together, but can’t. They are Romeo and Juliet, but they are separated by the front door and by the virus.

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The cast of Songbirg is divided between KJ Apa and Sofia Carson, who are accompanied by Craig Robinson, Bradley Whitford, Peter Stormare, Alexandra Daddario and Demi Moore.

Songbird, was produced by STXFILMS and as of yet there is no release date.


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