Riverdale: Betty and Veronica teachers at Riverdale High!


In the next episode of “Riverdale Season 5”, we’ll meet our favorite heroes as teachers at Riverdale High. Although they are adults, the heroes of the Riverdale series will return to school.

Season 5 of Riverdale turned every aspect of the show upside down. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa did not hide it. He himself had revealed that the series would experience a leap in time. And it is now done.

As a reminder, the start of the season centers around graduation and the prom. But, in the last episodes, we find Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead seven years later. They are back in a town in Riverdale, under the yoke of the new mayor, Hiram Lodge.

In order to avoid the closure of their former high school whose budget has been cut, the young heroes return to the school benches but as teachers this time. It might be fun!

In the synopsis of the episode “Back to school”, we also learn that Veronica is about to introduce her husband Chad to his friends. Well !

Archie and Toni are looking for a way to restart football teams. Cheryl will also help with fundraising. As for Kevin, Betty and Alice, they will find out that Polly is in trouble! Oh oh…

Finally, we see what could be the antagonist of the season. “Mothman” promises to terrorize Riverdale. Our favorite heroes will have to come together to overcome evil.

Riverdale season 5: Betty and Veronica teachers at Riverdale High!


A final reconciliation took place between Archie and Betty. After exchanging a kiss in season 4 of Riverdale, the two actors got down to business.

In episode 5, we got to see the two lovebirds kissing (and probably a little more) in the shower. You will understand, after seven years without seeing each other, the two heroes succumbed to temptation by sleeping together!

Although they swore to remain only simple friends, their relationship will take another turn from episode 6. It seems indeed that Betty and Archie become real sexfriends, finding all the excuses and places to sleep together, as we do. unveils the promo video.

So it looks like Archie and Betty could be a couple in the Riverdale sequel. So fans will surely be eager to see the reaction of Veronica and Jughead (Cole Sprouse). So how long will they manage to hide from others? Mystery and gumdrop.

We just have to wait until next week when the episode hits The CW. To be continued !


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