Riverdale: Betty and Archie will fight for Riverdale High!


Riverdale season 5 is explosive. Betty then seems to regain control of Riverdale High. But Archie’s return complicates matters.

Riverdale doesn’t do things by halves, and Season 5 is no exception. Besides, Betty and Archie are going to fight for Riverdale High.

Riverdale has been enjoying great success for some time. Young people have really become addicted to this series. Indeed, season 4 had held viewers spellbound for a long time.

So after more than a year of absence, season 5 has landed. What to delight the many fans of the series therefore.

Besides, it looks like this season has plenty of surprises in store for them. And for good reason, the characters of the series have then grown up.

Riverdale fans are very attached to the young heroes of the series. Indeed, they have been following their adventures for a long time.

But in season 5 of Riverdale these are no longer high school students. And for good reason, this season is a jump of 7 years in time. The high school years are therefore far behind them.

And yet, some things do not change. Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Archie will have to face another murder. What to delight fans of suspense therefore.

Fans of Riverdale have discovered the first episodes of season 5. They do not seem disappointed then. And Episode 5 will continue to amaze them. Betty and Archie then fight for Riverdale High.


The Riverdale series never ceases to amaze its fans. Season 5 is revealed little by little and they are then more than delighted.

In fact, Episode 4 of Season 5 has just aired. Fans are therefore eager to see the sequel. Not surprising !

Indeed, the plot ended in this episode. And the rest of the story should therefore take a whole different turn.

The town of Riverdale was then under the domination of Hiram Logde. So, all the residents tried to leave the city. But that’s without counting on the return of the handsome Archie. Accompanied by his band, he should then change things.

And for good reason, the teaser for episode 5 of season 5 of Riverdale suggests that. Something to reassure viewers then.

More determined than ever, Betty will take matters into her own hands. With her training as an FBI agent, she will therefore prove to be very formidable. Hiram Lodge just needs to behave then.

In addition, the episode “Homecoming” shows that Toni, Alice, Archie and Kevin are doing everything to keep the gates of the city open.

For his part, Jughead is starting a new job. Indeed, he was prompted by the arrival of debt collectors in Riverdale.

Only a few more days to wait before discovering these adventures in Riverdale season 5. See you on February 17th. To be continued.


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