Riverdale: Archie’s 10 Best Quotes


Although some of the other Riverdale characters have more words than Archie, he still has plenty of iconic quotes from the six seasons of Riverdale. Archie considers himself a leader who opposes injustice and fights for the right cause. Indeed, this means that Archie delivers many iconic speeches, rallying troops to defend the honor of Riverdale.

On top of that, Archie does have a penchant for drama, which means that a lot of what he says has a theatrical quality and is larger than life. Although the sixth season of Riverdale is coming to an end, fans can surely expect many more iconic quotes from Riverdale’s savior, Archie.

Archie about his story with Betty
“I kissed her and asked her to marry me. She said, “Oh, little Archie, we’re too young. Ask me when we’re 18 and I’ll say yes.”

After kissing a new girl in town, Veronica, Archie’s friendship with Betty collapses. He tells the story of Betty teaching him every day to help him move on to the next school year, explaining to Veronica how important Betty is to him and how upset he is that he hurt her.

This story describes Betty and Archie’s friendship so well. She always has his back. Even at such a young age, Archie fell in love too quickly, and Betty looked at things rationally and grounded him. Fortunately for Archie, of course, they restored their friendship.

Archie on the first solo performance
“I was born alone. I’m going to die alone. I will sing alone. I’ll be fine.”

When Archie performs the song alone for the first time, he gets nervous. After a drama about plans to perform with Veronica and then Valori respectively, Archie eventually tells Valori that she should perform with The Pussycats, and agrees to perform alone.

Although, as one of Riverdale’s most absurd quotes, this is a very dramatic reaction to performing alone, it’s said ironically. Although Archie is scared, fear gives him the opportunity to show courage. It seems that in the end he realizes that he is able to do it alone, and if something goes wrong, that’s fine too.

Archie on progress
“Before you can be a headliner, you have to be the opening act.”

In the early stages of Archie’s boxing career, he is offered a fee for losing his first fight. Archie thinks that if he enters the ring, it will be good. However, Josie doubts the dubious nature of the deal.

Although Archie makes the wrong decision in this case, there is definitely some truth in this quote. It speaks of progress and working upwards to achieve great success. Archie is not afraid of hard work or hard work to achieve what he wants, however he is not a patient character.

Archie on why he can’t be with Betty
“You’re so perfect. I’m not good enough for you. I’ll never be good enough for you.”

When Betty confesses her feelings for Archie, she is heartbroken when Archie does not reciprocate her feelings. While she considers them an ideal couple — a cheerleader and a football player, childhood best friends, closest neighbors — Archie admits that he feels that she is too good for him.

This quote depicts something very important in Archie and Betty’s romantic relationship. It has to be right, but it’s never quite right. Archie calls Betty “perfect” (a word Betty hates), but Betty sees a dark side to herself. Archie struggles to see Betty for who she really is.

Archie’s message from the red circle to the Black hood
“You think you can attack us from the shadows, but Riverdale is much stronger than you, and we are not afraid.”

After the Black Hood’s attack on Archie’s father, Fred, Archie feels powerless and angry. He feels protective of his father and wants to find a way to make Riverdale feel safe again. This leads to Archie forming the Red Circle, a justice organization made up of the Riverdale Bulldogs. Together they send this message to the Black Hood.

Archie has always been proud of Riverdale and defended it, and this quote perfectly describes Archie’s feelings for Riverdale. Despite the extremely high crime rate, Archie’s devotion to this city never waveres. This quote depicts Archie’s desire for justice and the protection of Riverdale and his loved ones.

Archie about football
“You didn’t know the triumphs and defeats, the epic ups and downs of high school football.”

When Archie ends up in a juvenile prison, he calls himself a leader, as usual, despite the fact that he is a novice. He sees boys being treated like animals and sees them missing out on the normal American high school experience. He offers a football match.

Archie has always loved dramatic speeches in which he brings people together for a common cause, and this is no exception. This quote is about helping boys to preserve their humanity.