Riverdale: Archie and Betty more accomplices?


In season 5 of “Riverdale”, fans may well have surprises. Indeed, Archie and Betty will get closer! A lot has changed in Season 5 of Riverdale. Starting with the lives of the heroes, who have gathered in the city at Archie’s request.

Initially, it was a reunion for Pop Tate’s retirement party, which took place in Episode 5 “Homecoming” of Riverdale, which aired this week.

However, if the heroes came together, it was also to try to repair the city, abandoned by Hiram Lodge.

Hand in hand, they therefore tried to find a solution to regain control of Riverdale High, the school which is in danger of closing due to lack of funding.

Veronica, Archie, Betty and Jughead then decided to become teachers alongside Kevin to make the high school private. It will then be able to continue welcoming students. Good idea then!

Riverdale season 5: Archie and Betty are more and more accomplices?


If the heroes of Riverdale were going to stay in town for a few days and then get back to their little life, then it was a failure!

This could benefit Veronica, whose husband Chadwick shows strange behavior. After blocking his credit cards, the latter forwarded him through the streets of the city.

As for Jughead, he owes a lot of money to creditors. However, the latter has not published a book for a long time. In order to restore his health, he was hired at Pop’s before becoming a teacher.

On the other hand, Polly does whatever it takes and leaves her twins with her mother. So she makes him believe that she works in a nightclub. At the end of the episode, she can be seen running down the street, followed by a truck. Will she be one of the first victims? Indeed, let’s not forget that the creator of Riverdale has teased a tragic plot.

As for Archie, he requisitioned the whole gang to take back possession of his house, squatted and deteriorated by the Ghoulies. Of course, they managed to dislodge them and stop them.

But a final rapprochement took place. After exchanging a kiss in season 4, the two actors got down to business. So we got to see Archie and Betty kissing (and probably a little more) in the shower. You will understand, they will raise the temperature!

So it looks like Archie and Betty could be a couple in the sequel. So fans will surely be eager to see the reaction from Veronica and Jughead (Cole Sprouse).


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