Riverdale 5×9: Cheryl tries to help Kevin and Fangs


Iconic performances, couple problems and new mysteries were once again the focus of Riverdale’s 5th season. After trying to separate Kevin and Fangs, Cheryl conducts a kind of therapy for couples, while Betty tries to get revenge for Polly’s disappearance and death, with Jughead preventing her from doing anything worse.

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More details of the 5×9 episode of Riverdale

Much of the episode revolves around Bulldogs. The team is getting worse and worse, and in the most recent game, they manage to score only one touchdown. Which would be a shame for Archie and Reggie of the past, if they could see how the once great team has decayed over time.

Unfortunately, much of this is due to the rivalries between Archie, Veronica and Hiram. In fact, Veronica and Hiram bet $ 10,000 on whoever scored the first points. So, in addition to football, the plot is also a war between the Lodge.

Meanwhile, Cheryl tries to help Kevin and Fangs after she tried to end their relationship. After so many problems with his past relationships, it is difficult for Kevin to move on and take the next steps in dating. Although Cheryl tries to help and even plays at being a relationship therapist, the two know that Kevin needs truly professional help to deal with everything.

In fact, we can’t talk about this episode of Riverdale without mentioning Cheryl’s iconic performance to the sound of Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love”. It may even seem that this type of group performance no longer works after they graduated, but, without a doubt, it was one of the great moments of the episode.

At another pole, Betty still tries to deal with her sister’s disappearance and death. The sequence of murders in the city remains a great mystery of the series and, if the producers manage to tie all the plots happening, it will be a positive point for the series.

However, Betty does not seem to have her head in place to continue investigating. She gets very close to killing a trucker, and maybe, even she would have done it if Jughead hadn’t stopped it. Her anger is justified, since all she wanted was to be able to help the girls and, especially, Polly.

If she wants to continue investigating, Betty, for sure, will need to open up about everything she is feeling. Otherwise, she may get lost and make a mistake that she will not be able to fix.

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