Riverdale 5×6: the group starts working at school


Riverdale’s 5th season continues after the jump in time from the last episode. This week, Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead start working as teachers at Riverdale High and they get along surprisingly well with the new vacancies.

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More details of the 5×6 episode of Riverdale
Riverdale’s future depends on the school’s success. So, the “core four” (in free translation, the main four), characters who have been in the series since the beginning, know how important it is to ensure that the institution gains its prestige back to continue working.

Jughead takes over the department of English and Literature. His experience with creative writing is vast, so he adapts very well in his classes. Meanwhile, Veronica becomes an economics teacher and is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable in the position.

It is no surprise that Archie is going to work in the sports department – although he didn’t know that The Bulldogs no longer existed before accepting the position. Bringing the team back is his first mission and he is determined to invest in the team he was part of when he was still in high school.

Finally, Betty puts her knowledge of how to fix cars to the test in the mechanics class. Her work is a very welcome surprise and should have an interesting development in the future.

Betty is still concerned about Polly’s disappearance, but Archie offers to help at least distract her. Together, they begin to repair the windows of a car, when, suddenly, the fire alarm goes off.

The reason was a prank from the students of Stonewall Prep, dissatisfied with the reopening of Riverdale High. Apparently, it’s not just the school’s budget that they have to worry about, but also the efforts of the rival school principal, Reggie, to shut down the institution.

Meanwhile, Veronica receives a visit from Chad and he meets Archie for the first time. The group takes the night to have fun at karaoke and the couple sings a passionate version of Lady Gaga’s Shallow. Upon resuming their passion, they decide to split their time in Riverdale and New York so they don’t have to spend long periods away from each other.

But, since nothing in Riverdale’s Season 5 seems to be okay for a long time, the two argue when Chad suggests that Veronica shouldn’t use her money to help Archie’s football team. Annoyed, she sends him away and says they should take a break.

Polly’s mystery is also a focus of the episode and Betty finds some messages exchanged with a trucker. When she finds him, the man says that he saw Polly three days ago, when she jumped out of her vehicle and ran away, but he doesn’t know where. So it looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer to solve the mystery.

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