Riverdale 5×5: Betty and Archie get together spicy


Riverdale’s 5th season continues with surprises. The group of friends settles in the city, even in the midst of many difficulties, for a common good. In addition, Betty and Archie surprise with interesting moments.

Check out the full recap below:

More details about the Riverdale episode 5×5

Archie and his friends return to their old table at Pop’s, while the boy tries to bring motivation to the group to help save Riverdale, but everyone is avoiding talking about their problems.

Everyone faces adversity

At the Copper house, Betty finds her dazed mother trying to take care of Polly’s twins while she is away. The youngest daughter says she is working in a nightclub, but Betty finds out that her sister has not been there for over a year.

Jughead desperately needs money. His collector showed up at the Pop cafeteria behind him, so he starts working as a waiter over there.

Meanwhile, Principal Weatherbee tells Archie that it will not be possible to reopen the school after what Hiram has done with his budget. The council meets to decide the fate of Riverdale High. Toni convinces the members to keep it open.

Hiram, however, promises to grant free grants to Stonewall prep school, and even offers Toni a job as a counselor at the institution, but she refuses.

Veronica is looking for a new career. She gets a job as a sports agent in LA. So she pawns her jewelry to buy a car. The brunette asks Hiram to keep her jealous husband away, but he denies it, as he is still holding a grudge over how she treated him.

Spicy moments between Archie and Betty

Archie is angry that the Ghoulies have turned his home into a drug den. However, after meeting Polly there, he calls Betty to join him in a surprise attack he is planning with Sheriff Keller and some members of the Serpents.

After the attack, Archie wants to take a shower and Betty says she needs it too. The two then get into the shower together through a lot of making out. However, the two agree that they are just friends having fun, and that they will not tell anyone about their adventures.


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