Riverdale 5×12: A Little More About Hiram Lodge (spoilers)


Last Wednesday (18), The CW channel aired a new episode of the 5th season of Riverdale. Continuing with some of the most chilling mysteries from last week’s episode, the narrative also delved a little deeper into the secrets of Hiram Lodge’s (Mark Consuelos) past.

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Riverdale: new information on the trajectory of Hiram Lodge

The title “Chapter Eighty-Eight: Citizen Lodge” once again brought Michael Consuelos as the young Hiram Lodge. By infiltrating new flashbacks, the series used some interesting features to whet viewers’ curiosity in the narrative. In this way, other familiar faces from the series appear in the skin of new characters.

In his original plot, Hiram had to go through many ordeals. When he received a job offer from a criminal, he came to know the world of ambition and power, something he could never break free from that point on. The episode centers that feeling very well on the character, to prove a few points about what viewers already knew about him.

Hermione Lodge (played in the young version by Camila Mendes) also appears as a highlight of these flashbacks, showing how the connection between the two was genuine, despite Hiram being an almost inconsequential criminal. Furthermore, as the narrative progresses, there is a question about her direct participation in the influence of Hiram’s personality, which becomes debatable.

The two argue a lot, while they also love and understand each other. Clashes in Hiram’s routine also arise in his father figure Javier (played by Mark Consuelos). The man went out of his way to provide a comfortable life for his wife and child, but for some reason his effort was not widely recognized.

In this context, Hiram presents himself as an ungrateful person, full of petty thoughts, many of them also because of his age. The character is seen as an ordinary teenager, without maturity. In some ways, it’s noticeable that Hiram regrets some of the things he said to his father when he was younger.

The episode also shows how Vito, a mob boss, became directly involved with Javier. When Hiram’s father seeks him out, he makes several threats and ends up sealing his fate. With his power and influence, Vito orders his death, as Javier wants to stop Hiram from working for him.

From that point in the narrative, viewers follow some interesting references to mafia movies like The Godfather. A gunfight is seen on the scene, with the familiar Riverdale aesthetic. Javier really loved his son and did what he could to protect him, but in trying to stop him from going into the criminal world, he suffered the consequences.

It is remarkable to realize that not even with his death, Hiram could learn anything good. In this sense, the character continued to do everything he believed in, completely impacting the future of his family.

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